Council of Tanith EP launch this Saturday

Here’s a great show coming up this Saturday in Dublin’s Lower Deck. Council of Tanith are celebrating their forthcoming EP Wrath of God, which is being released on 12” vinyl in the coming weeks on Sarlacc Productions. You can listen to the three tracks HERE on their bandcamp page. It’s impressive stuff occupying a vein in traditional doom metal. It’s a style that so many bands are doing so well right now and it’s only right that an Irish band join them and Council of Tanith will do so with ease.

Now, while it may their EP launch, the night isn’t completely about ‘Tanith. Galway’s Rites are releasing their self-titled at the show as well and judging by the songs they posted online recently it’ll be a highlight amongst Irish albums released this year. It’s ferociously sludgy, doom tinged assault with a slick production.
The blackened noise of Síoraí Geimhreadh from Cork is also on the bill, featuring members of People of the Monolith. This will be the band’s first Dublin show for some time. Mongolia, who include members of Easpa Measa and Wizards of Firetop, will too be present. Check out their tunes HERE. And finally, there’s Fortress, a new band we’re led to believe, with little or no information other than they’re death metal but supposedly familiar faces from De Novissimis and Crowd Control make up their personnel so it’s hard to imagine Fortress being anything remotely disappointing.

Is that enough of a hype post for you? It better be and if you’re down in Cork or that neck of the woods the night before, Council of Tanith and Rites are hitting up Cruiscin Lan with magnificent Trenches, along with Íweriú.

Oh, and one more thing, after the gig on Friday make sure to stall up to the Drop-d club night in the Twisted Pepper. Check it out HERE.

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