David Davidson crowned top modern metal guitarist

Over the last few weeks Metal Sucks have been counting down their top 25 modern metal guitarists. Today the countdown came to an end with Revocation’s David Davidson being crowned number one. Click HERE to read the post about why he’s number one.

The technical death metallers Revocation, signed to Relapse Records, have certainly been making some waves of late. Davidson really shines through being the only guitarist in the band, providing slick riff after slick riff while also being the vocalist.

Number two in the countdown was Tosin Abasi, a truly innovative guitar player in the 21st century and actually, this particular writer was moments away from betting the house that he’d take the top spot. One can imagine deciding on Davidson topping Abasi was a tough decision.

Forgetting a few hiccups here and there though the top 25 has been fairly agreeable, capturing some of the finest players of recent times, from Ben Weinman to Michael Keene and Scott Hull to John Petrucci. There were a few noticeable omissions like Between The Buried and Me’s Paul Waggoner however overall the countdown has been quite intelligent and well thought out. Do you agree with David Davidson taking the top spot?

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