Throatruiner streaming tracks from new 3-way split

French hardcore label Throatruiner are currently streaming three tracks online from a forthcoming new split record, each track from Bone Dance, Divider and Plebeian Granstand. The 3-way split is due for release on 12” vinyl in July, and will be released in the States via Mayfly Records. Listen to the three tracks below.

‘Conniver’ by Bone Dance is just relentless, with an erratic assault quite akin to Knut. Meanwhile, Divider’s ‘Gaia’ opens with a brooding guitar and eventual erupts with coarse riffs and raspier, razor edged vocals. Then, of the three, Plebeian Grandstand are the most unhinged and ruinously frenetic with ‘Woe is Me’, an unruly barrage on the listener.

The full tracklisting for the split:

  1. Bone Dance – Conniver
  2. Bone Dance – West
  3. Divider – Gaïa
  4. Divider – Halios Geron
  5. Plebeian Grandstand – Woe Is Me
  6. Plebeian Grandstand – Woe Is You

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