The Universe Divide album coming very soon

Last February saw the very unfortunate disbanding of Canvas Solaris, a truly phenomenal band, who have at least gone out in a blaze of glory. Last year’s Irradiance was a glorious record to say the least, and was placed number 12 in The Grind That Annoys’ top 20 albums of 2010. But wipe away the tears, the show, as they say, must go on.

Featuring the sublime guitar work of Chris Rushing from Canvas Solaris, as well as bassist Gaël Pirlot, The Universe Divide has finished work on their debut album and it is set for release next month. Dust Settles on the Odontophobes is being mixed by Jamie King, who has worked extensively with Between The Buried and Me.

Rushing and Pirlot formed the side project in 2007 and encountered drummer Jason Parker who completed the line-up. In 2008, the demo An Ode To Rudolf Clausius was released. Its two songs marked a head turning sound that proved to be a riveting instrumental metal force, as the wickedly technical musicianship of its two founders collided. Both tracks, ‘Cyclical Procession’ and ‘Phi Inverted’, on the demo have been re-recorded for the album. If you’re looking for a mere taster of what to expect from Dust Settles on the Odontophobes, the two demo songs are available to download for free, from the band’s website HERE.

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