…aaand we’re back

Folks, The Grind That Annoys is back up and running. Since Wednesday, Blogger has been experiencing some severe issues following its maintenance downtime. This saw blogs being inaccessible from time to time and when they were back, recent posts had vanished and comments disabled. We were all helpless, one couldn’t even log in.

Now, Blogger announced on this evening that the issue is at last resolved having taken far too long to do so. We should pray that nothing of the sort happens again, or The Grind That Annoys may very well seek a home elsewhere. Anyway, moving on…

Two posts which had disappeared are now back, the new songs from Unearth and The Faceless. The review of the Comply or Die/Slomatics split went online on Friday morning and can be viewed HERE. Lost time needs to be made up for so there’ll be some new posts coming ASAP!

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