New Unearth track

The artwork for the new Unearth album, Darkness In The Light was revealed earlier in the week, now listen to first salvo from the album ‘Eyes of Black’.

The track is Unearth through and through. Widdly lead guitars? Check. Breakdown? Check. Trevor Phipps’ distinct bark? Check. While those elements of Unearth are the mainstays of their sound, it would be nice, and welcomed, to see them mix it up a bit more. However, with ‘Eyes of Black’ merely serving as a taster it’s not to say Darkness In The Light won’t be a dynamic record. Expectations remain high.

The album was produced by Killswitch Engage’s Adam D and also features KSE drummer Justin Foley filling in behind the kit. Listen to song on Metal Blade’s soundcloud page now or just below.

Unearth “Eyes of Black” by Metal Blade Records

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