Free Irish compilation download

Jamie Grimes from Drainland has compiled an impressive mixtape of some of the best in the Irish underground, with a particular focus on hardcore, crust and punk.

The compilation, We Are All In The Gutter, But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars, is available for free download or streaming on CVLT Nation now. Click HERE to check it out.

The release includes some previously unreleased material such as ‘Alpha Rat’ from Drainland as well as new cuts from Sodb, Council of Tanith and a fucking storm of a track from Twisted Mass called ‘Weeping City’. Not to mention some great material from Crowd Control, Neifenbach, Crows and Trenches to name merely a few. Here is the tracklisting, get on it!

1. Drainland – Alpha Rat

2. Neifenbach – House of Lies

3. Crows – Television. Makes Good People

4. Easpa Measa – Forgone

5. Rites – Vessel

6. Council of Tanith – Wrath of God

7. Slomatics – It Won’t Make You Happy

8. Wreck of the Hesperus – Kill Monument

9. Sickener – Lying In A Furrow

10. Abaddon Incarnate – Vermin Apocalypse

11. Twisted Mass – Weeping City

12. Contort – Burn More Churches

13. This Tongue Is Poison – Weaker

14. Absolutist – Blasphemy

15. People of the Monolith – Frozen

16. Trenches – Carrier

17. Crowd Control – The Herd

18. Sodb – Aigre Re

19. Wound Upon Wound – Descent

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