New Unexpect track

Remember Unexpect? They released their second album In A Flesh Aquarium in 2006 and it was wonderfully mental. So much so that it got them on the Progressive Nation tour with Dream Theater and Opeth. Now, the band is finally following it up with a new album in the coming months, entitled Fables of the Sleepless Empire.

There’s something of a buzz for this album, primarily because Unexpect aren’t exactly what you would call prolific, In A Flesh Aquarium was, after all, released seven years after its predecessor.

This new track ‘Orange Vigilantes’ is (surprise surprise!) mental. The riffs and strings are catastrophically disjointed while the harsh vocals are devastatingly cruel only to collide with Leïlindel’s ethereal clean voice. Of course the track needs multiple listens to soak in, with all the madness buzzing around in the music.

You can listen to ‘Orange Vigilantes’ below or on their website HERE where it’s also available for free download.

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