New Cavalera Conspiracy track

Cavalera Conspiracy have released a new track, ‘Killing Inside’ from their upcoming second album Blunt Force Trauma, released March 29th on Roadrunner.

The intro is questionable and the track takes for too long to really incite anything at all and is of course heavily characterised by Max Cavalera’s bark. The song is moodily plodding along until about the 1.50 mark when the wholly underrated Marc Rizzo comes into the fray with some tasty riffs. That said, it’s a little too late to fully redeem ‘Killing Inside’ from being forgettable, though it does throw a spanner in the works. Let’s hope the album offers much more.

Blunt Force Trauma will be the follow up to 2008’s Inflikted, the reunion album of the long estranged brothers Cavalera. Listen to ‘Killing Inside’ below and is also available for free download HERE.

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