New Krallice track

US avant-garde black metallers Krallice have released a new track for streaming – ‘The Clearing.’ It is taken from their forthcoming album Diotima, released on April 26th through Profound Lore.

At a sprawling twelve minutes, ‘The Clearing’ delivers the darkened experimentalism and journey-esque grandeur you would expect from Krallice at this stage. It erupts with a knife-edge riff, and skirts through with devastating drums and wretched vocals. Here is the tracklisting for Diotima:

01.”_” – 02:07
02. Inhume – 06:51
03. The Clearing – 12:11
04. Diotima – 12:27
05. Litany of Regrets – 13:40
06. Telluric Rings – 12:09
07. Dust and Light – 09:33

Click HERE to listen to the track and check out the provisional artwork below:

Click to enlarge

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