New Alright The Captain track

Nottingham noiseniks Alright The Captain have released on new track, ‘Rostov Could Get It’. It is available on the compilation A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters.

The band has expanded on the noise element of their music on this track, as the cacophony barges through initially. However, they haven’t lost sight of the art of the composition. ‘Rostov Could Get It’ is heaving with thick riffs and very crunchy bass lines, which are a formidable presence. It then leads into meandering and effervescent but smooth passages.

There is still little news on Alright The Captain’s full length record, the follow up to last year’s 123 EP. However ‘Rostov Could Get It’, for now, is a satisfying stopgap.

Click HERE to listen to the track.

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