Refused reunion? It looks like it

It goes without saying that Refused were a very important band. The Swedes and more specifically their final record The Shape Of Punk To Come were aeons ahead of their time and that album title would be eerily prophetic. Much of the new post hardcore, alternative rock and yes, emo (albeit the earlier bands) explosion at the turn of the century owe a debt of biblical proportions to the band.

So, needless to say their influence is important and since their split in 1998 the band’s sound has yielded a staggering legacy and ‘New Noise’ became an anthem in every sense of the word. And seeing as we’re living in the age of the comeback it would only make sense that rumour would spread like nits in a crèche about a potential reunion. Well, Refused’s official website has gone back online (HERE) edifying this simple, yet foreboding image:

With that fans everywhere let out a collective gasp of excitement. More news couldn’t come sooner.

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