Say what? Anthrax & Fall Out Boy

Feel free to scratch your eyes or wipe your screen but it won’t change anything. That headline is no mistake. Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Rob Cagianno have now teamed up with Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman (guitarist) and Andy Hurley (drummer) for a new “super group”. But to add to this, Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley is in on the act too, on vocals. This comes just after news surfaced that Fall Out Boy are taking an indefinite hiatus. The band is to be called The Damned Things and could begin recording as soon as next month.

So what’s to be made of this news??? Well, allegedly the Fall Out Boy lads have always had a few leanings towards the metal side. This was supposed to have been made evident quite some time ago when the pop punk unit shifters covered Pantera’s “Walk” along with non other than Keith Buckley guest appearing during a gig. The rendition was, as expected, vilified by metal fans worldwide. Click HERE to view.

But the most interesting thing to find out would be how exactly did this collaboration come about? We know FOB and Every Time I Die are like brothers but how did Ian and Cagianno get mixed up in this concoction?

Anyway, like many “super groups” one must approach with caution and slight trepidation. In recent times many a super group have led to utter disappointment, this made abundantly clear by this year’s sheer banality that was found with Them Crooked Vultures.

Regardless, interest remains high as let’s be honest – the FOB members involved are the least egocentric and least twat-like. It’s known that they played in hardcore bands before going poppy in the name of the almighty dollar; they may very well have a strange longing to play something decent. So, with that said let’s not make any judgement until The Damned Things drops a tune.

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