Biffy Clyro – Only Revolutions

Biffy Clyro have a lot to be proud of. In 2007, with the colossal Puzzle they fulfilled a promise they made with their 2002 debut. That promise was that one day these unhinged Scots would shatter the glass ceiling and inexorably invade the mainstream, entirely on their own terms.
But it’s not been an easy ride, far from it. Label switches and personal anguish had Biffy treading near ruin on too many occasions for comfort. But with drive and perseverance they endured against the odds, near unassailable and triumphed.

Puzzle was a glorious seizing of the torch. From there they embarked on some vigorous touring, which came with an unyielding honing of their live show.
Only Revolutions maintains Biffy’s ever infectious blend of scorching rock tunes and delicate numbers.

The two singles “The Captain” and “That Golden Rule” get the ball rolling here. Chances are you’ve heard these two so you won’t need telling of how outstanding they are. The noteworthy vibe continues through to “Bubbles” which sounds like the perfect soundtrack to your best day. Themes then shift within that aforementioned blend for the emotive and quite provocative “God & Satan”.

“Mountains” returns too, and sounds just as stunning as on its initial release. The bouncy and hooky rock numbers here like “Born On A Horse” and “Booooom, Blast & Ruin” are some of the best that Biffy have written. They’ll snuggle up nicely with established anthems like 57 on the live stage.

“Many of Horror” further shows Biffy’s ability to be vastly grand and here Simon Neil proves is mettle as a vocalist. Meanwhile, “Cloud Of Stink” is drenched in somewhat of a modern punky vigour.

“Know Your Quarry” glides handsomely through swaying melodies, gorgeously accompanied by enthralling pianism, which all scales to dizzying heights.

The happily titled “Whorses” is the curtain call for Only Revolutions, and it ends it all on a superbly up beat note.

To repeat, Biffy Clyro have a lot to be proud of and Only Revolutions changes nothing regarding their lofty accomplishments. But one thing that has changed is the level of the “bar”. Puzzle now finds itself considerably topped and OR is officially Biffy’s career best. Drinks on them?


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