New Ihsahn track

Former Emperor front man Ihsahn will be returning early next year with his third solo album After, the follow up to 2008’s shimmering angL. “Frozen Lakes On Mars” is the first taster we hear from this remarkable song writer’s latest creative flurry.

A grandiose lead opens the proceedings giving way to a clean, spirited riff. Ihsahn’s deep rooted, throat wrenching shriek thunders in, in promptly recognisable fashion, while a hooky lead runs under

Ihsahn’s near operatic clean vocals on the chorus are unequivocally consuming as it, with ease, strides along.

The guitar solos and the swaying rhythms here are something truly excitable. So, beautifully clean and flourishing, they dominate a great deal of this track’s valiant brilliance.

Assumedly, “Frozen Lakes On Mars” is merely a sneak peek of the potentially tremendous zeniths that may be explored on After.

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