Hindsight Pt.2 2000-2009, a look at a decade

Welcome to the second instalment of Hindsight, a retrospect of the past decade’s finest albums. You can read the first part HERE. Anyway, let’s get this show on the road…

Click the “standout track” to listen to it.
Between The Buried And Me – Colors (2007)
If I did make a top 50 list chances are this would be number one. Colors is unabashed beauty committed to audio format. Across 8 tracks, and over an hour in length, BTBAM solidified their spot with the prog metal greats of the 21st century. Every note flows perfectly, everything feels right. When Tommy Rogers screams, roars and sings you feel every emotion. This album unravels itself more and more upon every listen, unveiling a new gem every time. The musicianship is astounding; there are not enough adjectives to describe Colors. In fact no words can yet do it justice.
Standout track: The whole album
Killswitch Engage – Alive Or Just Breathing (2002)
At this time nu metal was longer on its death bed. It had already begun to rot. A new sound was needed, desperately needed. Enter Killswitch Engage, but Alive Or Just Breathing is actually the band’s second album. KSE targeted influences like that of thrash, melodic death metal and American hardcore on their self titled debut. But on AOJB those influences were greatly harnessed and morphed into a relentless melodic powerhouse. Thus, KSE pioneered what would become metalcore. Alive Or Just Breathing was to be the first of many a breathtaking victory march.
Standout track: Rise Inside
Iron Maiden – A Matter Of Life And Death (2006)
Was there anything more refreshing than Maiden’s 14th studio album A Matter Of Life And Death? Let’s not beat around the bush here; Iron Maiden have sweet fuck all to prove…. to anyone! But still when a new album from such legends lands there’s still hype. Maiden blew the hype out the water, produced a record with the hunger and ambition of a young band struggling to get their name out there. Put simply, A Matter Of Life And Death is stunning and well and truly schooled the young ‘uns.
Standout track: These Colours Don’t Run

Strapping Young Lad – Alien (2005)
Strapping Young Lad may have ceased existence three years ago but their legacy undoubtedly remains. Alien is the centrepiece of that legacy. It wasn’t a drastic departure from the bludgeoning nature of SYL but it just culminated all their most powerful elements into one cohesive motherfucker of a metal record. Here, Devin Townsend penned some of the finest riffs to hit your ears in ages, “Love?” anyone? Secondly the tracks have no give, like a hurled brick destined for your head unbeknownst to you. Bloody excellent, even “Two Weeks”, an acoustic interlude felt right here, further proving Townsend’s song writing eminence.
Standout track: Love?

Children Of Bodom – Hate Crew Deathroll (2003) & Are You Dead Yet? (2005)
Prior to the release of Hate Crew Deathroll, Children Of Bodom were in somewhat of a mainstream limbo. Previous records like Follow The Reaper and Hatebreeder had effectively displayed the band’s ability to completely slay. But HCD would be their breaking of the glass ceiling with bursting anthemic metal tunes. From there the ball kept rolling on the equally impressive Are You Dead Yet? with its monstrous title track and the effortless shredding from main man Alexi Laiho. Bodom would then continue to gather pace on last year’s Blooddrunk.
Standout tracks: Hate Crew Deathroll & Bastards Of Bodom

Got an album you think deserves a mention here? Leave a comment or email thegrindthatannoys@yahoo.com
Part 3 coming soon.

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