The Rock And Roll Hall Fame Of Fame – A Crock?

The nominees for the 2010 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction have been announced. The list includes Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Stooges, Genesis, ABBA, Kiss and a handful more. The most unusual nominee is LL Cool J.

One of the biggest criticisms of the RnR HOF is similar to the Grammys. The nominees and inductees are decided by a committee, with virtually no input from the public. However, that’s not a slight on the Hall; many of their members so far absolutely deserve their place, Chuck Berry, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath to name only a few (read the full list click HERE). Also, last year, much to the appraisal of the rock community Metallica took their place amongst these greats.

But look at some of the other names. Madonna has a place there. With all due respect Madonna, was inducted before Metallica and more so, Jeff Beck? Furthermore, before Genesis? It comes as a huge surprise that Genesis aren’t already in the Hall and have to contend with LL Cool J? Surely, I’m not the only person of this mind set.

There are five spots running and if justice prevails Genesis and Kiss will be inducted, for obvious reasons. And while RHCP have become painfully repetitive in recent years, their overall impact can’t be denied. They deserve their spot. These ears have never had time for The Stooges but it’s a near guarantee that they’ll be inducted, same for ABBA. The biggest surprise is still LL Cool J. Granted, the Hall has always recognised hip hop (Run DMC last year) but surely Public Enemy have made more waves than LL Cool J?

Additionally, there are several acts that aren’t in the Hall who thoroughly deserve recognition for their art. Pink Floyd are in, Genesis are nominated. So it’s puzzling that Rush and King Crimson remain unmentioned. Not only are they prog pioneers but sculptors of rock music in general. Going further, Gentle Giant and Van Der Graaf Generator. The Hall doesn’t entirely base the artist’s entry on sales; thankfully, longevity, consistency and influence are taken into account. So, where’s the love?

Iron Maiden; of any metal band still active during this generation, is there any band more deserving? The answer is no. They’re globally acclaimed and universally adored by fans of all ages and origins. Last year’s Somewhere Back In Time Tour’s hugeness should have spoken volumes to the committee about Maiden’s undying relevance. The same argument applies to Judas Priest, just on a slightly lesser scale.

Those are the most likely and deserving candidates now. But within the next few years who else should be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Recently, Dave Mustaine commented on the Hall, saying he’s going in one way or another. Is there a spot reserved in Cleveland (the site of the museum) for Megadeth? Yes, yes there is, at least there should be. There are no guarantees. Eventually this committee will have no choice but to consider and then possibly nominate Megadeth. If they actually get inducted, well, we’ll have to wait and see. A similar argument can be made for Slayer. But from this vantage point it’s unlikely but never say never. Meanwhile, there’s no reason to reject Motorhead but it’s improbable that the committee are itching to bring them in.

The primary requirement for induction is that 25 years must have elapsed from the band’s first album or single. That means in 2016 (a while yet, granted) Pearl Jam will eligible. Deserving in every sense of the word are one of the greatest and most passionate rock bands ever.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, Dream Theater are adequate for nomination in a few years. They can’t possibly be overlooked. The argument for this goes on and on. Time will tell if all these much deserving bands will be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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