New Between The Buried And Me track

At long last, after much anticipation Between The Buried And Me have released a new track “Obfuscation” from their forthcoming new album The Great Misdirect.

Firstly, Between The Buried And Me’s musical proficiency is well and truly in tact, leaving you wondering is it illegal to be this talented? A clean and vivacious guitar lead opens proceeding and wasting no time “Obfuscation” tears down the walls when Tommy Rogers unmistakeable roar enters.

Glaring riffs provide for some incredible hooks and gusts through experimental sounds. Varying vocal styles occur in what could be construed as the chorus, and peculiarly enough “Obfuscation” is void of any clean singing.

Soon after a bass solo takes centre stage accompanied by strange electronically hindered chanting voices. But building above is a solo drenched in 70s vigour, the guitar leads then fall into some almost Eastern-like reverberation.

The “chorus” then returns for a gut wrenching climax replete with fret dazzling skill while Rogers vehemently scream his heart out. “Obfuscation” is a brisk 9 minutes and 15 seconds, one that suggests The Great Misdirect will be something very, very special.

You can listen to the track here now, simply enter your email address for Victory Records and the track is streamed free.

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