Another new Megadeth track

Another new Megadeth song, “1,320” is online! It’s the second (after “Head Crusher”) to be released from their forthcoming album, Endgame.

To start engine roars gives way to a stampeding riff. The track then rips through with guitars and drums but vocally things are of course no different in the ginger one. As for the solo, needless to say it owns. “1,320” is like the previously released track “Head Crusher” in the sense that it’s a gradual grower. I’ve heard a couple of reports from people that have heard the whole album. It’s been talked up as a masterpiece; even some saying it tops Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? and Countdown To Extinction. Whoever says that seriously needs to be not bullshiting because those are strong words. But, yes a but. These two tracks are solid, heavy and plain killer. They feel like the natural successors to United Abominations. But they don’t seem to meet the expectations that these reports have set. Regardless, I and many others wait with abated breath for Endgame!

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