Anthrax poll & 100th POST!

John Bush & Anthrax, what does the future hold?With Anthrax tearing Sonisphere a new one (or so seems to be the general consensus, I wasn’t there) there’s one question on every fan’s mind – Will John Bush come back full time?
If you were reading this blog a few weeks ago you’ll have seen quite a few posts about Anthrax. Having only recently began touring again with new vocalist Dan Nelson and completing new album Worship Music, Nelson was relieved of his duties in the band.

All dates, except Sonisphere, were cancelled and John Bush (vocalist 1992-2005) stepped in for a one off show.
Well, there’s two reasons for this post:

No. 1 Metal Hammer are running a “Bring Back Bush” campaign on their site, endorsed by Scott Ian no less. The names will be submitted to the band’s management and hopefully will reach John Bush. Click HERE to add your name.

No. 2 Well, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I would love Bush back in Anthrax. As much as I like Joey Belladona I’ve always preferred Bush. What can I say; I love Bush! (bad joke? yeah)

Anyway, there’s a poll up here now asking should he return? As some opinions have arisen feeling he shouldn’t. So, take the poll and tell us why you think he should or shouldn’t return to Anthrax.

Lastly, this is the 100th post on The Grind That Annoys! Which I think, supposedly, is good! Anyway, if you’re reading this or have read anything that I’ve written and posted here than cheers, it’s appreciated. So, keep reading!

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