New tracks round up

Evile – Now Demolition
Infected Nations
Here’s another taster from the new Evile album Infected Nations (out Sept. 21st), “Now Demolition”. The track sees a more solid harnessing of the old school thrash influences, particularly Testament. This new material is much heavier, with a heaving intro which leads into a killer riff. Vocally, Matt Drake has evolved hugely spitting out his vocals with bucket loads of fresh vigour. Quality continues through the solo too of course!
Check it out on their myspace:

Shadows Fall – King Of Nothing
Shadows Fall are considered New Wave Of American Metal pioneers alongside Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage and sometimes that’s hard to fathom. Not since The Art Of Balance have SF delivered a record that fills that criteria. Last album Threads Of Life was a solid record but didn’t scale the same heights as As Daylight Dies (KSE) or Sacrament (LOG) released the year previous. Here, there’s a tasty intro riff followed by double bass drum intensities. There’s no doubt that Brian Fair has the throat for the job but his vocals can become too repetitive and fails to really capture your attention like you’d hope. But let’s not be too negative, this is decent, solid stuff. But at the same time I’m not raising expectations too high for Retribution.

Vader – We Are Horde
Now here’s brutality! Polish death metal legends Vader waste no time in kicking your head in with this slab of crushing death. Off the bat, you’re hit with sharp, precise soloing, which then descend into fierce verses. Peter Wiwczarek’s vocals are gut wrenching. Vader have tunnel vision, only one objective and that’s to pummel. Check out the new album Necropolis now.

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