Fear Factory legalities

Earlier this year Burton C Bell and Dino Cazares reconvened the seminal cyber metallers Fear Factory much to fans’ glee. However, this reunion was sans drummer Ray Herrera and bassist and eventual guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers.

Cazares and Bell set about a European tour this summer with work commencing on a new album afterwards. However, those shows never happened. A concrete reason for the cancellations has never materialised. Wolbers and Herrera are taking legal action over the name, so that may be a reason. Meanwhile, the other two say they cancelled the tour to concentrate on the album.

“We are both equal shareholders of the Fear Factory name” said Christian Olde Wolbers when he spoke to KNAC.com. “Until all that gets resolved, then nobody’s going on tour with anything”. He claimed further that he and Raymond just weren’t seeing eye to eye with Bell.

Herrera added more petrol to the flames in another interview. We “are actually still in Fear Factory”. “(Burton and Dino) decided to start a new band” and “call it Fear Factory. They never communicated with us about it.”

Both Herrera and Wolbers are involved with a new project, Arkaea. Many of the material was intended for a new FF record, a FF record that didn’t involve Dino Cazares.

Dino Cazares was interviewed recently by Ultimate-Guitar. When asked if the reports of the two suing over the name are true Cazares replied “definitely”. Cazares explained how they two have a right to the name just like he did when he left initially; “when I wasn’t a part of Fear Factory, they had to legally pay me to use the name. I’m part of the corporation”. He went on to claim that this so called legal action has been greatly exaggerated – “the legal issues that they’ve spoken about seem to be a little bit more extreme than the legal issues there actually are”.
Read the full interview HERE

Dino’s account of Herrera claiming he was kept in the dark was simply summarised in “rubbish” and that Burton discussed it with him before any announcement was made. According to Cazares, Raymond took offence and said that he and Bell were “dead to him”.

But, work is continuing on a new album with “new” Fear Factory. If what Dino has said is true then this whole thing has blown out of proportion or perhaps Wolbers and Herrera are true. At this moment in time it’s difficult to tell.

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