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Arkaea – Wolbers & Herrera return

Former Fear Factory members Christian Olde Wolbers (guitar) and Raymond Herrera (drums) have set about unleashing their respective creative flurries in their new project, Arkaea. Completed by Threat Signal’s vocalist Jon Howard and bass player Pat Kavanagh.

The band was formed last year by Wolbers and Herrera and have just released their first album Years In The Darkness.
For your first taste look no further, here’s “Locust”:

Sound wise, the band venture into some very familiar territory. One thing about Threat Signal that was very clear was the Fear Factory were a huge influence on them and a key component in their song writing. Vocally Howard hasn’t changed anything, that’s not too bad. His growl may be a bit generic but his clean vocals are rather pleasing to the ear.

Herrera and Wolbers presence here in vastly evident. The drumming is immaculate and unmistakeably. While the guitar work harkens a lot back to Archetype.

An interesting note about Years In The Darkness is that several of the songs were written by Herrera and Wolbers with the intent of them being included on a new Fear Factory record upon the band’s recommencement. However with those plans scrapped upon Dino Cazares and Burton C Bell reunited FF with a new line-up they were left unused riff and what not. Thus, all the material for the Years In The Darkness was born.

Perhaps that is why many of the riffs would feel easily as comfortable on a Fear Factory record.

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