Anthrax – The party’s finished before it started?

Let’s run through some things before I start:
– Anthrax finally recruit new vocalist in Dan Nelson.
– The band record new album Worship Music, a release is set for October 23rd.
– Dan Nelson performs his first shows with the band, including a set at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods. Things are looking great

Things start to drop….

Anthrax have cancelled another two show on their European Summer tour, this time it’s tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd July) in Oslo, also Prague on the 29th. This is their fourth and fifth cancellation after Dan Nelson “unexpectedly informed the band that he was seriously ill and unable to travel or perform at this time” – swine flu??? I jest, I jest!

Rumours are circulating rampantly that the party has finished before it really got started. This furthered by Nelson changing his Twitter page. His former page was entitled DanNAnthrax and when you visit that page, you are greeted with this:

Upon searching for a new page I failed, so things look odd. But then again, Nelson could actually be sick and his twitter may have just malfunctioned – this is all just speculation.

But other reports have suggested that the band is unhappy with Nelson but there’s zero proof of this. Let’s just hope that this is just blown out of proportion and the eventual release of the record won’t be tainted and Anthrax will return on their warpath. Because let’s be perfectly honest, they deserve it! They’ve been called the most underrated metal band ever and, in many respects, that’s true.

This was to be Anthrax’s glorious return. They’ve missed out on so much i.e. the trash revival; moments where the recognition should have come to fruition. Inner turmoil has haunted Anthrax for many years and it looked it was to be finally cast aside. Hopefully it will remain aside and October 23rd will be the moment of utter victory that we’ve been waiting for.

The band’s management will release a statement tonight, stick with us!

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