New Megadeth track

Megadeth have officially released a track from their new album Endgame (out in September). It’s “Head Crusher”. The album is highly anticipated and is the first to feature Chris Broderick.

You’re immediately punished with a blurring finger riff, which is damn catchy along with the barrage of unrelenting drums.
Chorus is nothing great; it retains the Megadeth sound, if you catch my drift. But Mustaine’s voice is on fire!
For my thoughts on the prospects of this album click HERE
It pains me to say that the solo is the least appealing part of the song. It’s a good solo but personally I was expecting more. “Head Crusher” doesn’t quite sate the appetite as one would hope but look at this a brief preview. The album, Endgame could unfold much more majesties…

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