Amazing Collaborations Pt.2

Gojira & Randy Blythe – Adoration for None
Randy Blythe did guest vocals on “Adoration for None” from Gojira’s latest album The Way Of All Flesh. Blythe’s throat ripping vocals with Joe Duplantier’s and the band patented colossal sound provided for satisfactory metal brutality.

Warrel Dane with Peter Wichers, Matt Wicklund and Dirk Verbeuren – Praises To The War Machine
When Nevermore vocalist went about his solo album Praises To The War Machine he needed some top tier players and he found some in Wichers, Wicklund and Verbeuren. Aiming for something more alt metal than the true metal shred of Nevermore, Dane produced a stunning solo record, a statement I’d gladly etch in stone. On various tracks Wichers and Wicklund shared the lead and rhythm guitars and bass, while Verbeuren handled all drumming duties. Also making guest appearances were Nevermore guitar god Jeff Loomis on “Messenger” and death metal stalwart James Murphy on the brilliant “The Day The Rats Went To War”. Praises To The War Machine – an amazing solo album by one of the truly talented voices in metal.

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