New Killswitch track!

Killswitch Engage released their single “Reckoning” on free download for 24 hours on Roadrunner’s website. Now, as you may or may not know Killswitch are one of my favourite bands off all time so I nearly came upon downloading it!

But what’s it like? Well, Howard’s vocals are insane. He sounds like he’s shredding his voice box apart, he just sounds pissed off to fuck! Then, of course the chorus shifts things, Jones’ clean vocals towers; the chorus is huge and will be just an ultimate sing along. He once again proves that he is one of the most gifted vocalists in metal today.
Needless to say the riffs are hooky with Joel Stroetzel and Adam D once again earning their stripes. Justin Foley’s drumming is relentless and Mike D’Antonio complements the rhythm to perfection, as always.

If “Reckoning” is only a taster for the album than we are in for a treat.

The album, self titled, is released on the 30th June. Not much longer!!!

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