It’s all gone too far

I was compelled to make this post after a reading a blog entry a few days ago on the Metal Hammer site by Terry Bezer. It was all about emo, what’s misconstrued as emo, what it means and its invasion of mainstream music. Basically what’s brought it on was the belief is that it has all gone too far, one particular band were the catalyst.

Bezer makes a very good point, regardless of your views on emo, you can’t deny that it is rock, it’s guitar based music. The argument of these bands’ music isn’t whether it’s rock or not. It’s a debate of whether it’s good or bad and that’s all about the hallowed entity known as an opinion.

I may dislike Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, The Blackout etc etc but now, I’m more than happy to leave them and fans to their own devices. If you want my opinion on them I’ll gladly give it but gone are the days that I’ll senselessly tear into them unprovoked (which I am quite guilty of doing, just look at my posts on Hollywood Undead).
Now, of course there’s Metro Station. I’ve no problem in saying that they sicken me. Why? They’re being called a rock band and they are not. They are pop, simple as. They’re riding on the coattails of emo, more specifically any “teeny bopper” with a floppy fringe (I hate to generalise like that but it’s true). Metro Station are just a marketing ploy, there’s no substance and certainly no longevity. They can’t possibly last; they’re playing for a fad that doesn’t constitute real music. I feel the same way about Elliot Minor.

Now, that said, you cannot paint all bands with the same brush. (Like it was said) There are bands that have been called emo/pop-punk that are great bands: Glassjaw, Finch, Brand New, Boysetsfire. And other good bands like Underoath, A Day To Remember or Less Than Jake (LTJ are pop-punk, they’re one of the bands that fucking started it).

With regards to Metro Station, I took solace in the belief that it all couldn’t get any worse, oh how horribly horribly wrong I was. Now I must move on to brokenNCYDE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8F5YSA1Oz0&feature=channel_page (I can’t bring myself to even embed the video). They are the mac daddies of hollow, money mad marketing, take advantage of a trend, milk the fucker more than Jade milked cancer! Suck the life out of it, make as much money as you can, sell it to young teenagers, get them to buy the merch. brokeNCYDE, you embody all that is wrong with music and the corporate bullshit with it. I hate to mention “corporate” because it’s so clichéd and exhausted but, with you, it’s very, very true.

I hope that this doesn’t take off as much as I fear. They have spit in the faces of people that make real music, that play it because they have a passion for it and more importantly because they enjoy it. They have spit in the faces of people that listen to music because to them it means something, again because it’s a passion or because you just enjoy it. But, now, it’s all gone too far.

Now, on a lighter note:

Just for funnsies!

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