Amazing Collaborations pt.1

Mikael Akerfeldt & Ihsahn – Unhealer
On Ihsahn’s second solo album, angL he worked with Opeth’s prog mastermind Mikael Akerfeldt on “Unhealer”. This remarkable six minute prog journey, vocally led by Akerfeldt, melded both parties’ extraordinary song writing abilities. What was also amazing was the lack of egos clashing, you’d think two geniuses would fall out over something petty; but no…. so just listen to “Unhealer”.

Robb Flynn, Howard Jones, Jeff Waters, Jordan Whelan, Christian Olde Wolbers & Andols Herrick – The Dagger
Each musician earned their chops here on the opening track of Roadrunner United: The All Star Sessions. Chimaira’s Andols Herrick’s drumming is pristine yet pummelling. Meanwhile the riffs peeled off by Jordan Whelan with Flynn are catchy as fuck and that with Wolbers’ chunky basslines and Jeff Waters’ sweet solo was phenomenal. But this track is all about the vocals, Flynn and Jones together work in perfect unison. Their trademark growls and harmonies absolutely fucking soared over everything else – a motherfucker of a tune.

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