This Is Hell, Eamonn Doran’s 13/4/09

Eamonn Doran’s seems like a tailored made venue for a hardcore gig, but unfortunately its fitting surroundings salvage little of what can only be described as an average gig. Tonight’s major downfall is the lacklustre line up of support acts.

First up is Dublin based Frustration. Despite the presence of somewhat of a following, their cookie cutter brand of hardcore fails to ignite any kind of interest. Little changes come Galway’s Cut The Reins. Their songs have a little more length but the lack of attention from the crowd knocks them down a few notches.

Half way through the support acts an air of disheartenment is surrounding Eamonn Doran’s. Crowd Control, the night’s heaviest assembly do nothing to change that. Their front man attempts a visceral delivery but the crowd aren’t having any of it. More or less the same can be said for Red Enemy. Architects/Parkway Drive-esque in their output they stick out somewhat amongst some of the straight up hardcore contingent on hand. Their biggest problem is that they offer absolutely nothing new or even remotely different – yawn inducing.

This Is Hell are visibly tired. Thanks to, what one can safely assume, vigorous touring and a €500 baggage charge courtesy of Ryanair. Though they trounce the support acts there’s little in this set here to convince you of their live capabilities. On record the Long Island, New York natives can spit out some bludgeoning hardcore. However little of that vitality translated live on this occasion, though numbers like the anthemic “The Polygraph Cheaters” and “Infected” are still thunderous.

The reason for this let down in their show is not entirely their fault however; not even half in fact. Those present seem completely uninterested with little movement or energy being exerted, with the exception of 4 or 5 people. But still, a disappointing show from the crowd. Front man Travis Reilly mentions coming back to Ireland in the future; hopefully it will be better the next time round.


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