It grows closer everyday….

I have information on the new Killswitch Engage album; it is going to self-titled which I find odd as their first album was self titled. Anyway they’ve released the artwork:

It’s ok, give it time – it may grow on me.

Song titles for the album include: “Reckoning”, “The Forgotten”, “Light In A Darkened World” and “Starting Over”

Howard Jones: It was time for us to step outside of our comfort zone and try something a little different with this record. It definitely still sounds like us, but we needed to be refreshed and take things a little further.”
“When we all couldn’t agree on an album title, someone suggested we just keep it self-titled and we all pretty much agreed…gives it the feeling of a fresh new beginning.”

It can now be confirmed that the new song they’ve been playing live is “Light In A Darkened World”. The album is scheduled for release in June.
Needless to say I’m very excited about this one

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