My Dying Bride – For Lies I Sire

My Dying Bride have created and developed an impressive repertoire for themselves throughout their nineteen year career – they remain undoubtedly one of the pioneers of doom metal. The desperate romanticism of their music may not appeal to the everyday metalhead; but there’s a great deal of beauty here to be appreciated.

Some of the material signals back to their earlier work, particularly with the inclusion of more violins. Despite that For Lies I Sire still seems like a natural progression from A Line of Deathless Kings, their last release.

First track, “My Body, A Funeral” opens with Aaron Stainthorpe’s unmistakeable voice and after the six plus minutes the renowned air of uneasiness of My Dying Bride is set once again. “Bring Me Victory” ushers in a grandiose riffing and the always epic sounding violins, these and the harsh “loud whisper” vocals simply stun.
Stainthorpe’s voice is still the haunting backbone of the band. His, at times unnerving, croon melds beautifully with droning thud of the instruments. The backdrop of pianos and violins will send a shiver down your spine as the dense riffs heave their load of doom on your ears.

“Echoes From A Hollow Soul” is the centrepiece of For Lies I Sire. In its seven minutes, several layers unfold – the beauty of the piano, the lingering guitars and the slow, perfect doom-esque thud of the bass. “A Chapter of Loathing” ushers in a satisfying bit of speed at the start and Stainthorpe adopts a rare throaty snarl for this occasion.

From start to finish the record is one of My Dying Bride’s finest incorporating all the elements that made them such an important and influential band. The album’s foreboding artwork sets the ever present theme of their musical output, one of haunting and grand enthralment. Whether it’s the beautiful “Fall With Me” or “The Lies I Sire or the misery drenched “Santuario Di Sangue” For Lies I Sire proudly stands up as one of the doom veterans’ strongest efforts. It won’t be the best album you’ll hear this year but will certainly be up there with the best of them.


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