Woe of Tyrants – Kingdom of Might

Yeah, I know this album came out in January but I’m only hearing it now and am I glad I did! Despite Kingdom of Might being their second album this is my first encounter with Woe of Tyrants. One listen in and one thing is clear – these Ohio based metallers enjoy their shred.
After the battle heralding intro of “Jesu Juva” and the shred-tastic “Soli Deo Gloria” it’s certain who the major influences of Woe of Tyrants is. They’ve, rather proudly it would seem, grown up on a steady diet of Pantera and Lamb Of God, but the shred has been turned up a notch or two. This made quite evident by the staggering grooves of “Pearls Before Swine”.
Fingers definitely bled in the creation of this hooky, neck snapping and melodic riff fest. It’s difficult to think that anyone wouldn’t be humming these riffs to themselves after a few listens.
The growling and spitting vocals though fine don’t capture the listener like the guitarists Matt Kincaid and John Hehman. They shine through all else but special mention must be made to Johnny Roberts, the drummer; his performance is stellar on Kingdom of Might.

Instrumental “Sons of Thunder” further whets the appetites guitar geeks everywhere and that’s a compliment – the riffs fucking rule. Next track “The Seven Braids Of Samson” pounds the shit out of your senses and the lead solo at the 3 and a half minute mark would leave any guitarist drooling on their fret boards. Then, by closer “Golgotha” you’re floored.

Kingdom of Might
is only Woe Of Tyrants second release and it’s one to catch the attention of a wider audience. Keep an eye on these shredders because if this is what they’re capable of now then the future is bright for them.


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