It’s that time again; some things I read/came across this week

Maynard James Keenan will be making a cameo in the new Jason Statham film, Crack 2: High Voltage. All I know for now is that his role is as a dog walker who encounters Statham. Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington is also appearing; he appeared in the first film too.

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward made reference to the possibility of a Sabbath reunion in an interview lately – something worth keeping an eye on!

Killswitch Engage have recommenced touring, on the Music As A Weapon Tour with Disturbed. Their as yet untitled fifth album will be released at the end of June. As far as I know the alleged title The Grave which was rumoured earlier this year is untrue. On that note I’d like to say how I’m really, really looking forward to this record. Also, there’s a studio report in the new issue of Metal Hammer.
As I write this I’ve come across two clips of a new song performed at the first Revolver Golden Gods Awards and the Music As A Weapon tour!!!

I’ve been listening to the new Chimaira track, “Secrets Of The Dead”.
The band have utilised Chris Spicuzza’s electronics a lot more and it adds some more layers. As far as vocals go there’s little change in Mark Hunter’s style and delivery. To be completely honest the track is doing little to excite me about the album.
Listen to song here:
Their new album, The Infection is out at the end of this month; stick with me for a review.

There’s a new blog post on prog masters Riverside’s website about their forthcoming new Anno Domini High Definition album. The album has been mixed and is completed.

Italian metallers, Lacuna Coil have released a new song for free, “Spellbound”. The song is available for download through Kerrang’s website.
It’s interesting in the sense that Andrea Ferro assumes full lead vocals in the verses, which is good I feel. However vocally, the power behind Christina Scabbia will always take centre stage. “Spellbound” is another catchy, easily digestible number, it’s good – I like it. The new album Shallow Life is out at the end of this month too and should be decent, it’s what I’m expecting anyway.

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