10 reasons why Winger are better than AC/DC

Reb Beach is an amazing guitarist and Angus Young will always be very average

That solo…… that fuckin’ solo

Kip Winger is a god damn poet! Bon Scott and Brian Johnson could never tug on your heartstrings like Kip!

Cheese and greatness go hand in hand with Winger

AC/DC are good for a sing-along after a few brews, Winger are amazing for a sing-along no matter the occasion…. even a funeral.

Kip Winger’s hair circa 1988

Unlike 95% of all the other hair and glam bands of the 80s Winger had friggin’ integrity!

Buy one AC/DC album and you have them all. Buy all 4 Winger albums and you my friend have musical dynamism at its finest!

Mikael Akerfeldt is a Winger fan….. I’ve never heard him say he likes AC/DC

Don’t believe me? Click here

What issues do AC/DC tackle in their tunes? Liking Rock N Roll and being shook all night long, that’s about it. Winger on the other hand: Politics, Sex, Love, Statutory rape, not paying the rent and blondes. Mind you, done in a very cheesy manner.

Thank you for reading

I’m down incognito bitch!

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