Gojira – Whelan’s, 14/3/09

Perseverance can be a beautiful thing to witness and Gojira are such a case. Formed in 1996 and with four albums under their belts this French powerhouse deserves every accolade they have received.
Tonight could be looked at as a bit of history, it’s Gojira first official headlining tour of Europe and their first headline show ever in Ireland. The meagre surroundings of Whelan’s are an appropriate setting for the chaos that Gojira will invoke.
First up however are Danish four piece Pilgrimz, if the awful use of a ‘z’ doesn’t turn you off then fair play. Their brand of hardcore leaves much to be desire, an average showing to say the least.

Followers The Eyes Of A Traitor though play with much more vigour. These British metalcore tech up and comers delight the few who have bothered to move towards the stage. This young band, all averaged around 18 years old, certainly impress particularly the skill of the guitarists.

But tonight isn’t about any support acts; it’s about the finest band to come out of France since… well… ever. Entering the quite frankly tiny stage, Gojira are greeted with an ardent response, the entire crowd has finally moved forward and the tapping notes of opener “Oroborus” hit. The show is a wall to wall frenzy.
The set is an overall crowd pleaser despite the absence of “Ocean Planet”.

Regardless of that it’s their renowned crushing heaviness that matters. The aptly titled “Heaviest Matter In The Universe” incites a riot and pummels all present. The whole floor is a tumult of flailing bodies, only taming slightly come “A Sight To Behold”.

The highlight of the night is by far “Flying Whales” which sets off one fucker of a pit. By closer “Vacuity” the band and crowd alike are exhausted but grateful for one hell of a show.


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