One mother of a gig

So tickets go sale this Tuesday for Metallica in Marlay Park, priced at €76.50. Interesting price as it’s more or less the same as last year only this time with a far superior supporting line-up.

Avenged Sevenfold, but I don’t care too much for them. However also supporting is:

Lamb Of God: What can I say about LOG that hasn’t already been said. I saw them in February in the Academy and it was hands down one of the best gigs of my life. Seeing them infront of 40/50,000 people will be insane.

Mastodon: I’ve never seen them live and I can’t wait. New material sounds incredible.

Thin Lizzy: It’ll be a bit of nostalgia, in rememberance of Phil. They should put on a good show, not surprised that Metallica have these guys as their support…

Alice In Chains: Now, I’ve made it abundantly clear how I feel about this incarnation of Alice In Chains, but I’m staying optimistic. Like Thin Lizzy, it’ll be nostalgic.

The Sword: I’ve heard very little from these guys. The only song I’ve heard is “Iron Swan” and it sounded decent.

Finally, Metallica themselves. Having seen them last year playing a greatest hits set I’m looking forward to hearing tracks from Death Magnetic live, overall I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a gig since Rage.



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