Underrated band of the week


Vast, engrossing, captivating, absorbing, enthralling are just some the words that could be used to describe the music of instrumentalists Pelican. But those alone won’t even scratch the surface of the ingenuity they’ve created.

They combine what can be at times crushing heaviness, almost Mastodon-like with sweet and beautifully arranged melodies. They effortless create epic, grandiose songs which consume you and return you in a state of permanent awe. The title track off Australasia is a prime example of this, this ten minute plus epic’s use of repetition while still astounding you every time is well, astounding.

But latest album City Of Echoes truly is their oeuvre. Meticulously crafted riffs and jaw-dropping musicianship is in abundance. Opener “Bliss In Concrete” seems towering in its delivery but is merely a taster of what this album is about. The title track following this is further evidence as the intensity and general vastness builds.

Meanwhile the ability of acoustic track “Winds With Hands” to tug at your heartstrings is indescribably impressive. Furthermore “Far From Fields” builds to what can only be described as a heart-stopping climax. They’ve done with ease what some bands struggle to do and that’s incorporate multiple contrasting emotions into their music and that’s without any lyrics.

Pelican. Never has music sounded so huge.

Recommended album: City Of Echoes

Originally posted: 26th January 09

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